The CoHub is a network of groups in support of Europe, set up in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU. We have brought over 100 pro-Europe groups and initiatives together in our mission to build a network that can achieve the best possible outcome for post-referendum Britain.

We provide participant groups with a platform for effective communication and collaboration within the wider pro-Europe movement. We believe:

  • The benefits of staying in Europe far outweigh any possible Brexit deal.
  • The referendum was but a moment in our ongoing democratic process.
  • The promises made by the Leave campaign are impossible to fulfil.

We further believe the time for blame is gone. Now it is time to listen, unite and take action.


We are not a group. We are a volunteer-run network providing a space and developing tools for other groups to join together. We seek to empower the UK’s pro-Europe and expat groups, not to represent them.

To this end, we are developing a comprehensive directory and a map listing all of our groups, a shared pro-Europe events calendar, a mailing list, shared folders…and anything else our participants care to work on. We hold regular strategy update video conference calls during which groups share their latest initiatives and offer support to one another, and we promote each others’ events when we can.

We respect those with different views, no matter how strongly we disagree. We focus on what we have in common so we can engage more constructively with each other. We avoid negativity and instead seek to better understand differences of opinion, in order that we may eventually overcome such differences.

Every group in agreement with these principles is entitled to join the CoHub network.